How much can you lose a week on slimming world?

Hundreds of thousands of slimmers have found success with Food Optimising, and weight losses range from 7lbs to 10st or more. We encourage a healthy rate of weight loss of an average of 1-2lbs per week. This is a realistic and achievable goal for most people.

How much can you lose on Slimming World in 2 weeks?

As the Slimming World diet is based on healthy eating, you can expect to lose, on average, 2lb a week. Exercising regularly will boost this weight loss.

How long does it take to lose weight on slimming world?

According to Slimming World, members lose eight per cent of their body weight in six months, and 13 per cent in a year.

Can you lose weight eating 15 SYNS a day?

Slimming World Syns

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The key is moderation, which is why foods that are high in fat or sugar, as well as alcohol, have a Syn value. Slimming World members are encouraged to plan 5-15 Syns a day to keep their weight loss on track, without missing out.

How do I maximize my weight loss on slimming world?

Tips from WW

  1. Cook at home. One of the benefits of joining WW is that we support you in discovering how to cook and enjoy healthier meals that suit your individual lifestyle. …
  2. Be adventurous with eating. …
  3. Eat more whole foods. …
  4. Weigh or measure ingredients. …
  5. Plan ahead. …
  6. Eat fruit and vegetables. …
  7. Cut yourself some slack.

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How do you speed up weight loss?

9 Ways to Speed Up Your Weight Loss and Burn More Fat

  1. Start (or Continue) Strength Training. If you’re trying to lose weight but aren’t lifting any weights, now is the time to start. …
  2. Eat Enough Protein. …
  3. Get Enough Sleep. …
  4. Don’t Fear Fat. …
  5. Eat More Fiber. …
  6. Focus on Whole Foods. …
  7. Try HIIT Cardio. …
  8. Fit in Some Refeed Days.

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How long does it take to lose 2 stone on slimming world?

I lost 2 stone in about 6 months. Definitely a good plan if you are hungry a lot, and someone in my group was bf and there was a slightly adjusted plan for her.

How many SYNS is a boiled egg?

Boiled eggs are really filling, and they’re nice and quick to cook too. Cook yourself two boiled eggs (0 syns) and have with either two slices of wholemeal bread (Healthy Extra B), asparagus spears (0 syns), or hard boil them and eat them on the run if you’re in a hurry!

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What is the best cereal to eat on slimming world?


  • 45g bran flakes.
  • 45g fruit-filled wheat biscuits, blueberry / raisin.
  • 45g oat bran*
  • 40g porridge oats (unflavoured)
  • 40g puffed wheat*
  • 50g Kellogg’s All-Bran Original.
  • 45g Dorset Cereals Simply Delicious Muesli.
  • 45g Jordans Natural Muesli No Added Sugar.

How can I lose 2 lbs a week?

Generally to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week, you need to burn 500 to 1,000 calories more than you consume each day, through a lower calorie diet and regular physical activity. Depending on your weight, 5% of your current weight may be a realistic goal, at least for an initial goal.

Will I lose more weight if I don’t use my SYNS?

It may sound silly but are you actually eating enough? Only having 1 or 2 Syns or no even no Syns will not make you lose more weight. Syns are there to be used! Also skipping Healthy Extra’s are wrong too..

Are bananas free on slimming world?

this time, it’s that Bananas are not a Free Food at Slimming World, and even worse, that you’ve got to count them as Syns! Many diets and eating plans discourage bananas but with Food Optimising bananas are Free Food so are perfect for snack attacks and sweet cravings.

Will I lose weight if I use all my SYNS?

Nor using your syns or using fewer of them does not help with weight losses, in fact many people find that they lose less when they do this. Your syns are there to ensure the plan is sustainable in the long-term and that you do not feel deprived.

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Can I lose a stone in a month on slimming world?

I lost just under a stone in a month, 13.5lb to be exact, so yes it’s possible, but everyone is different. I also did exercise every day. But for some people, even sticking 100% to plan, it might not be that great a loss in a month. As said, the average is 1-2lb a week.

Can you lose weight on slimming world without exercise?

Will exercise help? The great news is you don’t need to exercise to lose weight successfully. Following Food Optimising 100% without exercising will result in a weight loss – we guarantee it!

How do you get the best results on slimming world?

Ten Top Slimming World Tips for Success!

  1. Tip #1: Follow the plan. …
  2. Tip #2: Meal plan. …
  3. Tip #3: Prepare in advance. …
  4. Tip #4: Measure Healthy Extras. …
  5. Tip #5: Count your syns. …
  6. Tip #6: Eat your syns! …
  7. Tip #7: Eat lots of Speed foods: ‘Speed’ foods are low in calories, so these are the foods that you can really pile your plate with. …
  8. Tip #8: Drink lots of water.

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