What is HEXB on slimming world?

What does HEXB mean in Slimming World?

Slimming World Acronyms and Abbreviations

Acronym Definition
HEA / HXA / HEXA Healthy Extra A – your measured daily allowance of dairy (milk, cheese, etc.)
HEB / HXB / HEXB Healthy Extra B – your measured daily allowance of fibre (bread, cereals, crackers, etc.)

Can you have 2 healthy extra B on slimming world?

When you’re Food Optimising you’ll choose two measured Healthy Extra ‘a’ options (for calcium) and one measured Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice (for fibre) each day. We’ve added a Healthy Extra ‘a’ and ‘b’ choice each day (feel free to enjoy your second Healthy Extra ‘a’ choice however you choose).

What is healthy extra B on slimming world?

Whip up your delicious breakfast using 2 slices wholemeal bread from a small 400g loaf (Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice).

What is HEA and HEB?

Healthy Extra A (HEA): These are foods that are high in calcium such as milk and cheese. Healthy Extra B (HEB): These are foods that are high in fibre such as wholemeal/ wholegrain bread, some cereal/cereal bars, cooked and dried fruit and nuts and seeds. … Syns: Foods that are not ‘free foods’ have a syn value.

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How many SYNS is a boiled egg?

Boiled eggs are really filling, and they’re nice and quick to cook too. Cook yourself two boiled eggs (0 syns) and have with either two slices of wholemeal bread (Healthy Extra B), asparagus spears (0 syns), or hard boil them and eat them on the run if you’re in a hurry!

Can you overeat on slimming world?

Finally, since Slimming World discourages calorie counting and doesn’t specify appropriate portion sizes for the program’s Free Foods, some people may overeat them. Though Free Foods are satisfying, some can be high in calories and fairly low in nutrients, including potatoes and rice.

Are bananas free on slimming world?

Cooked, canned and dried fruit are categorised under Healthy Extras and puree fruit, any fruit juices or smoothies are classed as Syns. Examples of Free Fruit: Apples (S) Bananas.

What are healthy extra A choices?

Tips for including Healthy Extra A in your diet:

Choose a full fat cheese so that there is less to consume. … Mix a handful of cooked pasta, spinach and sliced ham with a cheese triangle for a quick and easy lunch. Make a hot chocolate (using an Options sachet 2 Syns) with all milk instead of water.

What are healthy extra B choices?


  • Bran flakes (45g)
  • Muesli no added sugar (40g)
  • Oat bran (45g)
  • Porridge oats dried (40g)
  • Fruit-filled wheat biscuits raisin (45g)
  • Wheat Biscuits (2)
  • Malt wheats cereal plain eg. Shreddies (40g)
  • High fibre wheat bran cereal eg. All-Bran (50g)

How many SYNS are crumpets?

2 1/2 syns per crumpet | Slimming world treats, Slimming world free foods, Easy slimming world recipes.

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How many SYNS is Kingsmill 50/50 bread?

2 syns per slice.

Is Rice free on slimming world?

At Slimming World, we don’t believe in cutting out food groups. In fact, potatoes and dried plain pasta, rice, noodles and couscous are all Free Foods, which means that you can eat as much of them as you like!

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HEA HEB HEM – European Wide Flange Beams

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