Which wholemeal bread is slimming world?

Pitta Bread wholemeal (1 x standard (60g))

Can you have wholemeal bread on slimming world?

‘b’ choices:

Bread/toast – 2 slices of wholemeal bread from a 400g loaf count as a Healthy Extra. and for an extra £5.00 spend your Syns on…

How many SYNS is medium wholemeal bread?

1 slice is 4 syns, as you had 2, count 8 syns total. I too have a question about the HEB. 2 medium slices of wholemeal bread (400g sliced loaf) would count as one of my ‘B’ choice for the day.

How many SYNS is wholemeal brown bread?

= 1 X Slice from 800G Loaf = 3.5 SYNS or 2 X slice from 800G loaf = HEB or 7 SYNS.

How many SYNS is Hovis wholemeal medium?

Brilliant Valerie thank you so much. There are 92cals in 1 slice which is 4.6 so ill just count this as 5 syns.

Are bananas free on slimming world?

Cooked, canned and dried fruit are categorised under Healthy Extras and puree fruit, any fruit juices or smoothies are classed as Syns. Examples of Free Fruit: Apples (S) Bananas.

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Is Rice free on slimming world?

At Slimming World, we don’t believe in cutting out food groups. In fact, potatoes and dried plain pasta, rice, noodles and couscous are all Free Foods, which means that you can eat as much of them as you like!

How many SYNS is thick wholemeal bread?

The thick sliced wholemeal granary is 5 syns a slice, so if I had 2 I would count 10 syns and then take off 6 which would be my HexB (any wholemeal bread, 57g) and count 4 syns.

How many SYNS is a slice of 400g wholemeal bread?

Syn Value is per slice, roll etc Wholemeal (400g) – 2.5 Milk Roll (400g) – 2.5 Premium Brown (400g) – 3 Danish (… Milk roll, Warburtons, Slimming world syns.

How many SYNS is a spoon of Nutella?

NUTELLA SYNS 4 syns for 1 level tablespoon (15ml) so 1 teaspoon would be 1.3 syns which i think would be rounded up to 1.5 syns.

How many SYNS is Kingsmill 50/50 bread?

2 syns per slice.

Can I save my SYNS for the weekend?

Yes you can! So you’re allowed 5-15 syns per day, do I go with 10, which is 70 per week. I like to use them on a weekend when DP is home so it feels like I’m eating ‘normal food’ and don’t have to cook twice, then go syn free/minimal for the rest of the week.

How many SYNS is Kingsmill wholemeal bread?

Your Kingsmill bread is 4.5 syns for a medium slice and 5 syns for a thick one.

How many SYNS are crumpets?

2 1/2 syns per crumpet | Slimming world treats, Slimming world free foods, Easy slimming world recipes.

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How many SYNS is 60g of wholemeal bread?

Wholemeal bread & syns5

According to the Healthy extras list, I can have 60g of Wholemeal bread as my Healthy Extra B or one slice of Wholemeal from an 800g loaf (which mine is but only weighs 40g).

How many SYNS is a slice of bread and butter?

One day at a time

I still have bread and butter, using 1hxb for wholemeal slice and 2 syns for a lv tsp of butter.