Is overweight a noun?

Is overweight an adjective?

adjective. weighing too much or more than is considered normal, proper, etc.: overweight luggage; an overweight patient; two letters that may be overweight.

Is obesity a noun?

noun. the condition of being very fat or overweight; corpulence: His obesity puts him at risk for major health problems.

Is weight a noun or verb?

For the most part, we can keep weigh and weight straight by using weigh as a verb and weight as a noun, with a smattering of exceptions for statistics and grades and blankets.

What part of speech is overweight?


part of speech: adjective
definition 2: excessive body weight. synonyms: fat, heaviness, obesity similar words: corpulence, excess, plumpness
related words: fat
part of speech: transitive verb
pronunciation: o v r weIt

What is the verb of obesity?

obesify. To become obese. To make obese.

What is the overweight?

The terms “overweight” and “obesity” refer to body weight that is greater than what is considered normal or healthy for a certain height. Overweight is generally due to extra body fat. However, overweight may also be due to extra muscle, bone, or water. People who have obesity usually have too much body fat.

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What does Abese mean?

: having excessive body fat.

How do you spell abyss?

noun. a deep, immeasurable space, gulf, or cavity; vast chasm. anything profound, unfathomable, or infinite: the abyss of time.

What is the adjective of obesity?

adjective. /oʊˈbis/ (formal or medical) (of people) very fat, in a way that is not healthy Obese patients are given dietary advice. She is morbidly obese (= extremely fat).

What type of noun is weight?

weight. [countable] an object that is heavy The doctor said he should not lift heavy weights.

How can I calculate weight?


  1. Weight is a measure of the force of gravity pulling down on an object. It depends on the object’s mass and the acceleration due to gravity, which is 9.8 m/s2 on Earth.
  2. The formula for calculating weight is F = m × 9.8 m/s2, where F is the object’s weight in Newtons (N) and m is the object’s mass in kilograms.

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Is it weigh in or weight in?

to be officially weighed before competing in a sport, especially boxing or horse racing: Tyson weighed in at 245 lb . for the fight. Want to learn more?

How do you say overweight nicely?

There is no really good way to say “fat” but less crude ways of saying it could include:

  1. Chubby.
  2. Overweight.
  3. Big Boned.
  4. Corpulent.

What’s a nice way to say overweight?

there are a number of ways to say it without being so crude. chubby, overweight, big, heavy, well built, big boned.. Personally if you said any of that to me, I’d get a little offended.

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How do you describe a fat person nicely?

The word for a person who is EXTREMELY fat is obese. We also have the word chubby to describe fat children; husky or heavyset to describe fat men; and plump or curvy to describe fat women (the word curvy has a more positive connotation, implying that the woman has a nice, full, feminine body).